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High quality, reliable service for graffiti removal, material spills clean up, parking line painting, general property maintenance, sanitization and more. 

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About Wipeout Specialty Cleaning Inc.

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Wipeout Specialty Cleaning Inc. is a rapidly growing leader in emergency response including environmental sterilization and disinfection as evidenced by the trust level of some of the biggest corporations in Canada. Utilizing state of the art equipment and professionally trained personnel Wipeout is uniquely positioned to ensure a safe and virtually non-communicable workspace for both employees and customers.  ‘

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High quality reliable service for sanitization services, graffiti removal, material spills clean up, parking line painting, general property maintenance and more.

Anti-Graffiti Services

Professional and effective graffiti removal. Fast Response. Proven techniques for graffiti prevention.

General Maintenance

Lot clean up and maintenance, effervescence treatment, paint spills, floor coatings and more. All your maintenance needs.

General Repairs

Drywall, tile, grout cleaning, siding, parking lots. All your property repair needs covered.

Keeping you Safe During the Pandemic

Complete Sanitization And Disinfectant - To Hospital Standard


Wipeout uses a specialty, government approved anti-viral solution that is “fogged” or misted onto all surfaces. All products are accompanied by Health Canada approved Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Drug Information Numbers (DIN).


Wipeout uses sophisticated equipment, highly effective in the elimination of viral contaminants and are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


With an average dry time of 10 minutes (depending on the surface), Wipeouts’ specific dedicated sanitization equipment allows almost immediate re-entry to the treated area.

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15 years of service

Wipeout Specialty Cleaning Inc. Services A Number Of Clients Including Commercial & Government Organizations. 
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